Thanks to its relevant experience, the PIERRES-BLANCHES Real Estate firm brings together a group of experts recognised in their speciality.

Its founder and director, Franck BALLESTER, has built on his successes to develop his skills in order to create a world that is supported by his acute vision of Beauty, which naturally leads him to find properties with the best finishings. Also, his strong experience and thorough understanding of the social and economic dynamics of the real estate market allows him to generate secure transactions.

PIERRES-BLANCHES Immobilier offers a top-of-the-range real estate project intended for an exceptional and demanding clientele by surrounding itself with privileged partners (Notaries, Lawyers, Financing Organisations).

Through his innovative approach, Franck BALLESTER knows how to reinvigorate the notion of Luxury by adapting it to the various societal issues that are an integral part of our modern world.

More precisely, PIERRES-BLANCHES Immobilier knows how to deliver sharp answers to each of its seller and buyer clients.

Franck BALLESTER and his team have transformed this commercial idiom into an effective marketing initiative to bring added value to the realisation of your projects.

We hope to have the privilege of advising you with all the listening and humility necessary for the perfect realisation of your property project.


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