Our Cabinet PIERRES-BLANCHES Immobilier proposes a communication of National and International dimension with digital press media, via our 50 partner sites, and its complementary facet in written press, where we have the privilege to collaborate with reference magazines.

Thanks to this large number of portals, we are attentive to the dissemination of your properties by means of a specific editorial publication. Also, we have the best sites and referencing in terms of real estate ads in France and internationally and by virtue of this quality ; this allows us to increase the effectiveness of your real estate project.

The use of these renowned media not only allows us to promote and market the properties entrusted to us without diluting them ; but it is also the strength of our presence on digital media, editorial content and their variations, located at the heart of our expertise, which allows us to increase our agility in targeted visibility.

In order to offer you a high performance service, our tailor-made strategic approach and analytical responses are dedicated to each of our selling and buying clients. The result is a flexible approach that allows for both clarity and impartiality.

As a result, we are able to provide you with the most comprehensive and relevant window on the property market, and we are able to show you almost the entire range of properties on the Mediterranean coast, as well as our unique database of qualified national and international buyers.


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