Franck BALLESTER, with his keen sense of the fundamental values that underpin the notion of luxury and his infatuation with emerging trends, knows how to cultivate exclusive relationships in order to deliver a tailor-made experience.

The most specific aspect being the relationship of trust that he combines with the relentless virtues of his company's imprint to bring forth his brand, PIERRES-BLANCHES Immobilier.

PIERRES-BLANCHES Immobilier forms an ecosystem that is based primarily on deeply human qualities. For it is by understanding the personality of each of our clients that the best proposal for them will ultimately be made.

Our approach allows us to deliver a unique client experience based on 3 fundamental pillars : excellent service, personalised care, your tailor-made solution.

Our commitment is not to simply state a string of superlative pieces of information ; it is the value you entrust to us that results in a unique proposition for you, our extraordinary clients.

One of the strengths of the PIERRES-BLANCHES Immobilier brand is the modernity it offers you while preserving the unique and rare heritage of luxury. Where the sense of detail and the flawless quality of its services make it the cornerstone of the brand.

Thus, for more than 20 years, the story has been perpetuated and renewed thanks to the energy of Franck BALLESTER who knows how to finely dimension the timelessness of Luxury to the evanescent Lifestyle.

Because his know-how is unchanging and his capacity to evolve is limitless.

Innovation - like a phosphorescent fixed idea - is at the heart of its work.

The PIERRES-BLANCHES Immobilier brand is not only the guarantor of the reliability of its DNA but also, and above all, thanks to the experience of its clients who prove to be its best ambassadors.

PIERRES-BLANCHES Immobilier is an exceptional know-how, built around Luxury and Art de Vivre, enriched immutably, in order to give life to the impossible.


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